Trainee Testimonials

Trainee Testimonials

Read what our trainees have said about their teacher training experiences with Mid Essex ITT.

Alice Lucey

Former trainee in Science (with Chemistry) at Mayflower High School, 2014-2015; now an NQT at Mayflower High School

"Having completed my degree in Chemistry for Drug Discovery with Industrial Training (MChem) at the University of Bath, I was keen to embark on a teacher training course that I knew would provide me with a lot of hands-on teaching experience. My sister had previously completed her teacher training through MEITT, so I was aware of the high quality reputation the provider held.

"My main teaching placement through my training year was at Mayflower High School in Billericay. Here I was given excellent support from both my faculty and senior management. Every Thursday, our training at the MEITT base in Braintree had a specific focus which helped to develop our quality of teaching and relate the theory of education to real life. I found it particularly helpful when past MEITT trainees would come in to deliver a session to us, so we could see how their career had progressed since qualifying.

"For me, the balance between teaching experience and academia was correct as it enabled me to develop into a confident teacher whilst considering wider influences to a child's development. Spending most of my week in a school working closely with a department enabled me to learn a wide range of teaching styles especially through the observations of other teachers and the regular feedback I was provided with.

"I was very fortunate to be offered my NQT post at Mayflower High School, where I have been given the opportunity to solely run the weekly Science club 'Atomic'. Here, I have entered students into National and Regional competitions with great success. I have also been involved in the organisation of British Science Week when I was given the opportunity to share my industry experience with the students.

"I would highly recommend MEITT as a teacher training provider, and if I had any advice for future trainees, it would be to enjoy every opportunity presented to you and be confident in your own teaching style."


Benjamin Philcox

Trainee in History at Chelmer Valley High School, 2015-2016

"After working my way through my degree as a Senior Student Ambassador, I went into teaching to be able to carry on working with children and to be able to attempt to inspire students with the subject that I love.

"As a History trainee, I have been able to do that on a daily basis, in a variety of different classes and situations, with every day being different. The support that I receive has been excellent, with regular meetings with mentors, course tutors and subject specialists, and constantly pushes me to attempt even more and push myself (and my students) that little bit further.

"As a trainee teacher, the students come to view you as a member of staff very quickly, which gives you priceless opportunities to impact upon their learning and impart your own knowledge upon them in their studies. I have been welcomed into the program and into my department at school, and this has really helped me make the progress that I have done so far, and will hopefully continue making.

"Teacher is a career like no other, and whilst the workload is high, I think that every second is worth it, as it comes with such fabulous challenges and rewards."

Laura Sheldon

Trainee in Science (with Biology) at Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form, 2015-2016

"Previous to starting as a trainee science teacher, I worked with the NHS in a Health and Well-being Centre taking part in Outreach events and doing health checks. I loved spending time with the general public and using my degree, so it seemed a natural step to go on to become a science teacher and work with young people.

"I chose MEITT because I wanted to go straight into the classroom and get experience from day one. It has been a challenging first term but well worth it, and the support I have received from the programme has been brilliant. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be in the thick of it from the off. The time spent in the classroom and the training the programme provides has been an invaluable, whirlwind experience."


Elaine Moloney

Trainee in Modern Foreign Languages at the Helena Romanes School, 2015-2016

"My previous career was as a law librarian based in the city of London, but I gradually realised that I wanted to do something else and eventually decided to retrain as a teacher.

"My degree had been in Spanish, but I felt that it would be useful to be able to offer French as well. Once I had been offered a place on the course, MEITT helped me to join a subject knowledge enhancement course in French. The course was delivered online and I did it over 20 weeks, finishing at the start of September. It was a really useful experience and gave me the confidence and ability to be able to teach the additional language prior to starting the teacher training course.

"I have two children and am not in a position to move to join a course, so one of the attractions of studying with MEITT was the fact that it is relatively local to where I live. I have been assigned to a school within an easy drive of home, and the weekly sessions in Braintree are easy for me to get to too.

"I like the balance of practical experience within school coupled with the academic challenge of the PGCE aspect of the course. At times it can feel like a lot to juggle, particularly with family life, but I have felt supported by my mentors both at school and by the tutors and mentor at MEITT."

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