Assessment Only

Assessment Only

If you’re an experienced teacher with a degree, you can achieve qualified teacher status (QTS) without having to do any further training. Assessment Only allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS.  Mid Essex ITT is now an approved provider for the Assessment Only (AO) route.  To be eligible, you will need to:

  1. have a degree;
  2. have taught in at least two schools;
  3. present detailed evidence that you meet the teaching standards; and
  4. have passed the Professional Skills Tests in literacy and numeracy.

You can read all the criteria in more details here: Mid_Essex_ITT_AO_Criteria.pdf

You can also find out more information about the Assessment Only route here on

If you can fulfill the four requirements above and would like Mid Essex ITT to assess you, please get in contact with Keith Ferguson, Course Tutor at Mid Essex ITT, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office on 01376 556 398. 

Please note that Mid Essex ITT is unfortunately unable to assess candidates who are currently teaching overseas at this time. However, we recommend you contact TES Institute as they offer the AO route for overseas candidates.


Assessment Only candidate at Alec Hunter Academy (2019) 

"I first found out about the Assessment Only route through a conversation with Keith in the staff room. I thought it was a fantastic way to get into teaching, having already had some teaching experience working as an unqualified teacher. The course itself is more of a hands on approach to getting into teaching. I wasn't keen on going back to university to qualify, and the course enabled me to learn whilst working on the job, which really suited me.

"Working with Keith has been great from start to finish. He has made a huge difference to my understanding of the profession, and what it takes to be an excellent practitioner. He has a brilliant way of steering you towards methods of improvement without making you feel patronised or undervalued in any way.

"His positive attitude really helped make my experience of the course an enjoyable one, with what  could have been seen as a daunting task was only made easier through Keith's reassurance and guidance.

"He is an excellent asset to the Assessment Only course and anyone would be lucky to work with him."


Mid Essex ITT

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