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The overarching intent of the MEITT curriculum is to produce committed, adaptive, reflective and effective (CARE) secondary teachers as a result of content which has been judiciously chosen and sequenced.

The core MEITT curriculum captures a broad range of knowledge forms. In addition, each subject discipline has its own identity which is informed through content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Each subject has its own handbook to reflect this.  

The content of the MEITT curriculum is informed by the declarative and practical knowledge outlined within the Core Content Framework (2020) and core theories and ideas which are supported through evidence-based practice. In addition, the content of the MEITT curriculum is informed through the course leaders’ aims that MEITT training results in teachers who are forward thinking about their own pathways in teaching but also fully prepared for their first years in the classroom.  

The MEITT curriculum has been sequenced so that the knowledge content - declarative and practical - flows coherently. In the early stages of training, secure foundations in the core teaching areas e.g. expectations and behaviour management are laid and staged deliberately.   

The course is divided into distinct stages: 

  • Introduction stage – Induction points in July (pre-course)  

  • Secure Foundations – Autumn term  

  • Practise and Revisit – Spring term  

  • Looking Ahead and Transition – Summer term  

Much of the curriculum has been designed with the intention that knowledge and experienced are blended and developed through classroom practice. Trainees are taught the essential declarative knowledge they need to know at GPS and SPS. In addition, trainees are set both short and long core tasks in order to guarantee them opportunities to gain practical knowledge as outlined in the Core Content Framework (2020).  

As trainees develop their general and subject specific pedagogical knowledge and combine this with the opportunity to apply this knowledge in school, more challenging content and a broader range of topics are introduced. In addition, this is combined with an increasing teaching load so that trainees have more opportunities to apply what they have learnt in their central and subject studies in the classroom.  

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