At Mid Essex ITT, we believe that trainee well-being is one of the most essential aspects of the training year, and this is why we continue to make this our highest priority.

We believe that it is important to support our trainees in any way that we can in order to make them resilient, empathetic and robust individuals. We employ a range of strategies that we believe allow our trainees to focus on the demands of the training and academic rigour. You can read more about these in more detail by downloading our Well-being Booklet below.

Here's what some of our trainees have to say about how they felt supported during their training:

Trainee Teacher

I think that MEITT have been great in supporting my well-being. If a problem has arisen, they are there to give the right support to help you through it and I have been very grateful for that this year.

Trainee Teacher

Absolutely outstanding, support and encouragement always available. I feel like my well being issues were dealt with in a professional and caring manner. If it wasnā€™t for the support provided from the Mid Essex , Iā€™m not sure I would have been able to complete the course. They have been superstars!

 Trainee MFL teacher, Moulsham High:

During my training year MEITT have been incredibly supportive and put the well-being of its students first, particularly during such a turbulent year. They were always very approachable and made you feel comfortable going to them with any issues or questions. They listened to the needs of the cohort and ensured that the programme evolved with the ongoing pandemic and its implications so that the trainees always felt supported, mentally and emotionally.

 Trainee English teacher, Notley High School:

Mid Essex has been nothing but kind and supportive during my time here. Teacher training was challenging at times for me and Mid Essex had so many options in place to support me. The support changed my life and I cannot thank them enough for it.

Trainee Media Studies teacher, Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form:

MEITT have consistently supported my well-being during this training year. As a single mother of three children, MEITT have always offered an open-door policy to advise and discuss any potential issues. They have considered my needs as an individual and adapted things to help to support my well-being.  

"MEITT have also offered a referral to external advice and support for me during an extremely difficult training year through this pandemic. I am grateful for all the support and guidance I have received.

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