The Danny Audritt Award 2022

Friday, 08 July 2022.
The Danny Audritt Award 2022

Every year, an MEITT trainee  is chosen to receive the Danny Audritt Award.

Danny was a teacher who trained with Mid Essex ITT in 2016-2017. He went through heart surgery during his first term of training and sadly passed away in February 2018, the year after qualifying.

He was determined, passionate about teaching, and brave. You can read more about Danny here.

This year, the trainee chosen to receive the award in memory of Danny is Meaghan Franklin, a history teacher who completed with MEITT at Hylands School.

Meaghan's proud course tutor Holly Sutton was delighted to present her with the award at our annual awards evening.

She said: "This award is not just in recognition of the need for resilience, but more to celebrate and recognise those of us who face challenge and still manage to maintain enthusiasm and the ability to foster it in others.  

Meaghan's work ethic and commitment to the profession were evident from day one. A quality that sets the best apart from the good is the ability to reflect honestly and with humility, and respond to feedback promptly. Meaghan did this with the most rapid turnaround, sometimes adapting a lesson part way through the day to teach it to a different class an hour later in an even more effective way.

She has held students at the centre of all she does and as such, has modelled impressive adaptive practice, both in her planning and her delivery. She has grasped the challenges of building and curating a history curriculum better than any trainee that one of her colleagues has worked with.

Not only has she demonstrated what a fantastic practitioner she is, but she has also managed this alongside some personal challenging circumstances as well. Her partner, who is in the military, was sent out to Estonia in February in response to the conflict in Ukraine, and is not due to return to the UK until October. This was a particularly challenging point in the course for Meaghan as she worried about her partner and saw, as we all did, the horrific events that happened and continue to happen as a result of hte conflict. This was also at a time when she was starting her B placement and leaving the familiarity of her A placement, but she used her teacher training as a distraction and continued to fully immerse herself in the course.

We are all confident that Meaghan has a bright and successful career ahead of her, having a huge impact on the lives of generations to come."

Mid Essex ITT

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